May 19, 2004

Should the UUA be tax-exempt?

Joe Carter (The Evangelical Outpost) and Jeffrey Collins (Joyful Christian) discuss a case where a Unitarian Universalist Church was denied tax-exempt status since they, by not requiring belief in a deity, cannot legitimately claim to be a religion.

I used to be a UU myself, and I find myself disagreeing with Joe Carter. In my experience, with no theological foundation on which to base doctrine, the Unitarian Universalist Association has become primarily a political advocacy organization, not much different in fact from Planned Parenthood (as you can tell from looking at the UUAWO website for the March for Womens' Lives). So in my opinion, the UUA is no more deserving of a tax exemption than is Planned Parenthood. Unfortunately, for some bizarre reason, Planned Parenthood is tax-exempt, even though they are pumping out extremely partisan advertisements trying to put John Kerry in the White House. I thought tax-exempt meant they weren't allowed to do that.

Posted by Joel Fuhrmann at May 19, 2004 08:48 PM