February 09, 2010


Testing, testing, testing...

I've been gone for a little more than four years. What happened?
Well, I didn't die, so if anyone was wondering, I'm still on the planet, however a lot of changes...

Got real busy, what with my daughter growing up, so decided to drop out for a while. Forgot to say good-bye to all my friends reading this blog however, and I apologize for that. If you can find it in your heart to forgive me, I'd love to strike up the dialogue again.

Now Rebecca is in first grade, and I've been wanting to post again, put my website to use again, after all, I'm keeping someone else from using it, so I've started to feel bad about hogging the space. If you claim it, you've got to use it, as John Locke would say.

Other changes, I've moved out of New Jersey, and into Florida. My career offered me a chance to move and I took it. Did it back in April 2008. Links on left now reflect my new church home and Weather Pixie. I'll be making other changes too, including a new name for the blog. The old name just doesn't say anything about me anymore. A new banner picture is coming too. And it's probably time to upgrade my blogging engine.

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