August 12, 2005

A Special Day

Today is a special day, not only because it is a birthday for two of my sisters (and yesterday was the birthday for a third!), but it is also the 3rd anniversary of the day when my wife and I submitted our application for our upcoming adoption of Fu Dong Lan, who is now named Rebecca Dong Lan Fuhrmann.

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May 11, 2004

Humorous and Coincidental ailment

So that's why she's so cranky! It's those darn civet cats- I'm never letting her drink that brand of coffee again! While the link is intended to be humorous, there's quite a coincidence here -- our daughter, Rebecca was born in China, and there is an apparent link between the civet cat and SARS, so civet cats could be an actual cause of Rebecca's disease, except that she is a perfectly healthy one year old.

Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me with
Rebecca's Disease
Cause:improperly prepared civet cats
Symptoms:vomiting, delusions, long hair, vomiting
Cure:click heels together three times
Enter your name, for your own diagnosis:

Maybe if the civet cats weren't being prepared in a plastic oven, they'd be ok. Oh, well, at least there's a phone at hand for calling 911!

(link to Dr. Unheimlich's Disease Registry found at Susan's site Lilac Rose)

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January 20, 2004

Cute! But why are we at school daddy?

We got to visit a kindergarten/primary school while we in Nanchang. Here's a picture from their front courtyard. Children were very friendly and were all over Rebecca (once we got past security to the classrooms).

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January 15, 2004

We're back!

We're back from China, with a brand new American citizen, Rebecca Dong Lan. No problems coming back, except I didn't know that when our bags were cleared after customs, all we had to do was put them back on another conveyor at a special station they had there for domestic connections. We carted our bags over to the next ticket counter, and the agent told us about that, and said now you have to go through security again. Line was about 100 feet long, and our flight was leaving in about an hour, and the xray machine goes down! Service is returned soon, and I'm telling myself over and over "don't fret! you're gonna get home tonight" Sure enough, last night almost exactly at 9:00 pm our plane lands, with our luggage too. Some really great friends from our church (one of whom had also adopted a girl from China about four years ago) are there to meet us, along with Amy's really great mom who gave us a lift home, since we were quite unable to drive. I'll post more later after recovering. We were flying about 24 hours (from Guangzhou to Beijing, then to Los Angeles, then to Philadelphia), but of course with the time zone change, our adjusted watches said the flight only took 12.

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January 11, 2004

A New Arrival

Rebecca Dong Lan became our daughter on Monday afternoon (about 2 am
Monday for you). While you were in Sunday school and church we were in
an airplane flying between Beijing and Nanchang. There was a delay on
Monday morning but soon after 12 noon we saw Rebecca for the first time.

We're in Nanchang doing various things until visas are available, then
it's down to Guangzhou for visas and immigration stuff, then coming
home on the 14th (according to plan so far).

Only complications so far are that our flight from Beijing to Nanchang
was delayed two hours, and there were language difficulties in the
airport resulting in me paying an unnecessary tax (which I got back so no
big deal).

One thing to share: In the Philadelphia airport, the flight was
severely overbooked and we were afraid we might not get a seat. I told the
ticket agent our predicament, and they said they would do their best.
While walking to a bathroom, I prayed that everything would work out. I
felt an answer in my head, almost as clear as if it had been said out
loud "All prayers for your safety and success on this trip have already
been answered - enjoy the trip now!" Got back to the gate, the doors
were closed, and I was thinking we would be late. All of a sudden they
call our name, and we're on the plane, doors opened for us!

This is an e-mail from Amy and Joel that I wanted to share with you. Ann

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December 29, 2003

We're Off to China, Happy New Year!

Amy and I are off to China on December 31, and will be back after January 14 (how much after depends on how much sleep we need to recover). If we have access to the blog from China, and we have a spare moment, I'll post from over there. In any case, my cousin Ann will be blogging in my absence.

Just before I go, a couple of quick links of some sites of interest I've noticed today:

Scripture-reading lessons from the Church Fathers.
I'm going to look at the Bible in this way, looking for Christ in the whole Bible, Old and New Testaments. Last year, I read the Bible in a dual-way: one reading from the OT and one from the NT each day. Going back and forth sometimes seemed to be a distraction. I'm going to read it one book at a time this year (though not in a strict table-of-contents order). Jesus said that Moses wrote about Him, this year that's what I'm looking for in my Bible study.

Chris Johnson (Midwest Conservative Journal) directs us to this sermon, where The Right Reverend John Bryson Chane, DD makes these statements:

And what was God thinking... when the Angel Gabriel was sent by God to reveal the Law to Moses?

And what was God thinking... when the Angel Gabriel was sent by God to reveal the sacred Quran to the prophet Muhammad?

And what was God thinking... when the Angel Gabriel was sent by God to reveal the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God?

Were these just random acts of association and coincidence or was the Angel Gabriel who appears as the named messenger of God in the Jewish Old Testament, the Christian New Testament Gospels, and the Quran of Islam, really the same miraculous messenger of God who proclaimed to a then emerging religious, global community and to us this morning that we are ALL children of the living God? And as such we are called to acknowledge that as Christians, Jews and Muslims we share a common God and the same divine messenger. And that as children of the same God, we are now called to cooperatively work together to make the world a haven for harmony, peace, equality and justice for the greatest and least among us.

I've got issues with that quote. Even if the Islamophiles are correct and Islam is a moral religion of peace, that does not mean that it is a true religion. Christians worship Jesus, the Son of God, who died for our sins, and God the Father setting His seal on Him by His Resurrection. Islam says that God does not have a son and that he did not die for us. Logically speaking, Islam may be true, or Christianity may be true, but they cannot both be true: "Jesus is the Son of God" cannot be equivalent to "Jesus is not the Son of God".

One thought on witnessing, then I've got to get packing: On Wednesday morning, Amy and I will be at the airport getting on a plane that is going to a specific place. There will be lots of planes going to different places. Imagine this scenario: Suppose we're getting on the wrong plane. The lady who takes our boarding pass says, "'re getting on the wrong plane, you need to be at gate A17". We say, "Huh? Who do you think you are? They all go to the same place! Gee you're really intolerant! Leave us alone! We'll take any plane we please!" No, doesn't work that way. If we were getting on the wrong plane, the attendant would be doing us a big favor by telling us before we wound up at the wrong destination. We should, as Christians, consider the consequences of not telling people that what they believe (or don't believe) may result in them not getting where they want to go either.

Happy New Year!

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December 24, 2003

Adoption News

We're going to China - real soon!

Two possible dates for us to leave: January 5 or December 31, waiting for travel permission from the Chinese Consulate. Our adoption agency is trying to get us out there asap so we can have a full trip and return by January 22, Chinese New Year. La Vida posts pictures of all their trips on their website, and I expect our pictures will be up there sometime around January 12.

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November 20, 2003

Special News from a Small Package

Blogging in the middle of the day today. From work? No, I'm home. Stayed home today to conduct some personal business. Two things, first the small one, then the big one.

We're buying a car to replace the one that was hit last month. A used car from some friends at church. It will help us a lot. Special thanks to Amy's mom for helping us to pull the cash together to buy this, cause all of our money is dedicated to the next item.

Our adoption referral has arrived!
We have a name, birthdate, and picture of a ten-month girl who is tentatively assigned to us for adoption. I'm holding back on posting any pictures; she is a tentative adoption after all, and I don't want to jinx the process. Family and friends at church and work have seen them and we've heard a lot of oohs and ahhs, and shed a few tears too.

It looks like the earliest we can travel is January 3. Her birthdate is January 2, 2003, so she will be twelve months when we adopt her.

Readers who scroll down to the bottom of the page will note that one of the Weather Pixies is in China. Upon receipt of the referral, I changed her location to JiangXi Province, where our little girl is currently living.

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September 27, 2003

Adoption plans

Today Amy and I spent all morning and some of the afternoon at an informational meeting for our upcoming trip to China. There were people there who will be going either right around Christmas (before or after, as no overseas adoption-related travel is done at Christmas). From the looks of things (and they caution us to not try to predict a travel date, but it is just so hard not to), we are going to be in the third group going over, maybe about a month between groups, based on a lot of unpredictable factors. We were told what to bring, what to expect, and met a woman who just returned from China in June (last week we met someone else who just returned in May). The excitement is building up! Our adoption agency, La Vida, has pictures of every group going over there.

On the way home, driving through fierce, but spotty thunderstorms, we went around the curve which connects the PA turnpike to the NJ turnpike, and right in front of us was a perfect rainbow, stretching from one side of the horizon to the other, a perfect unbroken arch. I've only once in my life seen a rainbow as beautiful as this. Awesome!

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June 24, 2003

China adoption program resumes

Yea! The suspension of adoption-related travel to China has been lifted.

I knew it wouldn't be a show-stopper, I just had this gut confidence that everything would be ok; nevertheless I know people who thought SARS might cause China to delay their adoption program for a very long time. So, thanks be to God, we are looking forward to being in China within the next year and adopting our first child!

Update: Wording of link was revised to reflect the wording of the LaVida announcement. It was only child assignments and travel that were suspended, not the entire process

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October 24, 2002

Today's NRO has an article

Today's NRO has an article about international adoptions, Finding American Homes
. Amy and I are doing that, adopting a child from China, expected homecoming between Mothers' and Fathers' Days, 2004.

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