October 28, 2003

A picture of us

When Amy and I go to China, our pictures will be available on the Internet for family and friends to see us and our new daughter (or son - unlikely but possible). How will you know how to recognize us?

Here's our picture taken at Washington Crossing State Park: Amy and me and some unnamed Democrat. Actually, the mule is part of the art project Miles of Mules, and there are about thirty of them spread out over the New Hope PA - Lambertville NJ area, and each one is different. Unfortunately, some have been vandalized.

Update! Miles of Mules is bigger than I thought! Amy said it would be good for me to put a link to it up, so I looked it up. There's more than 150 of those things all over the Lehigh valley. Cool!

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October 24, 2003

Delaware Water Gap

I think I've got it now, but I'm not sure why. When I copy files up to my website with an FTP program, I can't get the images to be able to link (frustrating figuring this out!), but when I use Windows Exlorer to view my ftp site and change the filenames, I can then link them. Here are some pictures from our weekend trip, all taken by our friend Ren Meiseman (except for Bowman's Tower, done by me with her camera):

Delaware Water Gap

Another view of the Delaware Water Gap - what I call The Rock

Delaware River and fall foliage viewed from Bowman's Tower

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