June 04, 2004

but this one was wrong

that the Stanley Cup Finals would be over on Memorial Day. The Flames surprised me. They actually look like the better team.

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February 03, 2004

Late Super Bowl comments

I missed the halftime show (just joined the game in time for the third quarter due to meeting a group of old friends who don't care about football, committed leftists they are), so I didn't see it, but based on what I've read since, I wouldn't be surprised if Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake had it all planned out in advance - it seems as if she were prepared for the display - I mean, who wears nipple ornaments as underwear?

What about Howard Dean's comments that it's no big deal? I think he's right that it's kindof silly to get the government involved. We don't need to waste money investigating this. Just sit the FCC commissioner down with a videotape of the show, and slap an indecency fine on CBS if it's appropriate. I disagree with Dean when he justifies it by comparing it with other stuff on cable TV - that stuff is understood to be adult content, or should be. The SuperBowl is something I'd like to be able to watch with the family.

What to do about it? I think it would be grand if people who care wrote letters and signed petitions and gave all the advertisers a good piece of their mind. I've been boycotting CBS ever since they ran that notorious "Snipers Wanted" thing on some late-night show, only watching it for sports events. Given that I'm a Cowboys fan (covered by FOX), and just can't work myself up to be a Jets (covered by CBS) fan, even though I now live in NJ, I might just not turn the dial to CBS ever again. As far as MTV goes, I considered them to be poo even before I recommitted to my Christian belief. I don't like it, I think it should be available only as a cable premium channel, like Playboy, and don't let them responsible for a prime-time broadcast like that ever again.

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October 13, 2003

Cowboys and Eagles

Jeffrey Collins might agree with me on this, I'm sure Ben Domenech won't (neither will Ed, who sits next to me in the choir loft on Sundays - sorry Ed!): that Cowboys win over the Eagles was the most enjoyable regular season game I've seen since Jason Garrett (the second backup quarterback for the Cowboys) led the Cowboys to victory over the Green Bay Packers nine years ago.

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July 10, 2003

Womens' Day at the Range

On Saturday August 2, my gun club will be conducting a special event: Womens' Day at the Range, an annual event where we offer shooting instruction, gun safety, and food to all the women to want to learn how to handle guns.

Any women readers of this blog who are within a reasonable distance of West Windsor (close to Princeton - central New Jersey) are welcome to come on out. Look at the link for info and registration info.

Men are welcome to come on out too, but you'll be put to work. This day is dedicated to letting the women have the range to themselves.

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June 14, 2003

Party at 16W!

Amy and I just got back from the New Jersey Devils' victory party at Continental Airlines arena, where all the team members and coaches were introduced, speeches were made, lots of loud music, and overpriced food ($3.50 for a bottle of water!). We were too far back in the crowd to see much, but they had the action on big screens up at front - which was the only way we could see it at all, and could not make out much of the speeches, so we just screamed and yelled with all the people around us. I think the loudest cheering went to John Madden, and he certainly deserves a lot of the credit for winning the Stanley Cup this year.

We didn't stay for the whole party though, it was real hot, and the event was outside, on the asphalt of the parking lot, so we left after the team introductions. As we were leaving, we heard a lot of booing. I was wondering, who could that be? I looked back at the screen to see. It was our governor, Jim McGreevey.

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June 10, 2003

Congratulations to the New Jersey

Congratulations to the New Jersey Devils for winning the Stanley Cup - again!!! I knew they would do it, but the Ducks were a great opponent. Jean-Sebastien Giguere was very deserving of the Con Smythe trophy. There was no booing for him at my house last night (indeed, unlike many other fans, I do not boo at all, even when I am at the games - some would say I'm not into the game, or no fun; I disagree, I love the game just as much as anyone else, I just have some standards).

So - Why didn't I post my congratulatory message last night? Blogger was down! arghh!

Moving to Movable Type soon, the new address will be: www.joelfuhrmann.com/blog. It's actually up now, but no content other than a test message. I'll tell you when you can look.

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May 15, 2003

Sports! Jean-Sebastien Giguere had an

Jean-Sebastien Giguere had an absolutely fantastic performance last night in a 4-0 rout of the Minnesota Wild. It makes me wonder if the Ducks had effectively won the Western Conference championship when they beat the Dallas Stars in the previous round. If the NHL had not reseeded the field after the first round, the Ducks would have played the Wild in the second round, and the Stars would have played the Canucks. Given that scenario, assuming the Stars beat the Canucks, and the Ducks beat the Wild, we would then have the Ducks beating the Stars in the Western Finals. Instead, it looks very likely that the Ducks will beat the Wild to win the West (maybe even in a sweep - could we see four shutouts?), even though the Wild play tough when facing elimination.

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April 03, 2003

As a hockey fan, I

As a hockey fan, I found this story really disgusting. (Found at Midwest Conservative Journal)

update: newspaper article at The Globe and Mail

Here in Trenton, they have little kids playing hockey in the intermission at Trenton Titans games. They call it "Mites on Ice". It's fun to watch. I can't imagine anyone booing them because they don't like the policies of Trenton's mayor, but that's effectively what the Montreal fans were doing. I also can't imagine going to a Princeton hockey game (they came in last this year) and throwing trash talk at the players because I don't like Cornell West or Peter Singer. Leave the kids alone. Booing players for the policies of politicians is mean and immature.

I'm not going to respond in kind (in fact I don't participate in booing in general - even though lots of fans do) - if I go to a Devils game and they wind up playing Toronto (2nd round series) or Ottawa (Eastern Conference finals), I will still stand when they play the Canadian national anthem. However, I will be rooting for the Philadelphia Flyers, and hope they beat the Toronto Maple Leafs in the first round (I always root for whoever's playing Toronto, by the way). And I'm real glad Montreal won't be going at all -- serves their fans right.

UPDATE - Stanley Cup predictions:
Am I blogging while asleep or what? The hockey games I'm describing above are the Stanley Cup playoffs! I'm just assuming everyone knows what I'm talking about - sorry.

Here's my predictions: All indications are (and this is real close) that the New Jersey Devils will be playing the Boston Bruins in round 1, and the Philadelphia Flyers willl be playing the Toronto Maple Leafs. If the Devils screw up and lose both their remaining games, they may lose the division to the Flyers. I doubt that will happen. They are playing a desperate Rangers team tomorrow - they'll be dangerous, but the last game is against Buffalo. Buffalo may be tough because they have nothing to lose, but if the division is on the line, the Devils will be tougher because they have everything to gain. The Devils definitely don't want to face Toronto in the first round. We need to keep our players healthy, and whichever team faces Toronto in the first round often suffers a lot of injuries. It was real bad two years ago when we lost Scott Niedermayer, almost for the whole duration of the playoffs. I'd like to see the Devils and Flyers both win round 1, along with Washington (an underdog win over Tampa Bay) and Ottawa (though Ottawa has a reputation for choking in round 1 - they won't this year). So round 2 will be Devils vs. Flyers and Ottawa vs. Washington. Eastern final will be New Jersey vs. Ottawa.

In the Eastern Conference, my other favorite team, the Dallas Stars is matching up to play against the Edmonton Oilers, as usual. The Red Wings (defending the Stanley Cup) will be facing Anaheim or Minnesota, while the Vancouver Canucks will face the other one of those. St. Louis and Colorado face off as wild card seeds 4 & 5. Look for no upsets here. Second round will be Dallas vs Colorado and Detroit vs. Vancouver. Western final will be Dallas vs. Detroit.

For the Stanley Cup, I'm picking (or is it wishing?) my two favorite teams to go all the way to a seventh Stanley Cup Final: New Jersey beats Dallas in 7.

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January 31, 2003

The National Hockey League takes

The National Hockey League takes a break in order to play its All-Star Game on Sunday. Anyone think there is any relevance to the fact that this year's format is East vs. West, and not International vs. North America like it was last year? Are they looking at the America-bashing going on in the Axis of Weasels? Looking at the letter written by the United We Stand letter, written by eight European countries' Prime Ministers, I notice only one, Prime Minister Havel, of the Czech Republic, is from a country that produces a lot of players in the NHL. So move players from the green areas of this map onto the North American side, and we play vs. the players from the other areas. Nah, too complicated. Its East vs. West this year.

Speaking of hockey, Amy and I were at the Devils rout of the Flyers last night, and enjoyed it very much! At the All-Star break, the Devils are #1 in the Eastern Conference (on a pct basis, or points/games played)! My favorite Western conference team, the Dallas Stars, are #1 in the West!

UPDATE: Forgot to mention, link to the map courtesy of Glenn Reynolds, InstaPundit.

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December 19, 2002

Also taking some time this

Also taking some time this weekend to see my favorite two hockey teams (Devils vs. Stars) play on Saturday. I have two favorite teams, the Eastern Conference's New Jersey Devils, and Western Conference's Dallas Stars (I used to live in Dallas). Who to root for when they play? I root for the Devils, since we live in NJ and go to some of their games (less often than we used to, since we're saving money for the adoption). I hope Stars forward Mike Modano gets to play Saturday. I sometimes wonder if I should write about sports more, the way Mark Byron and Ben Domenech do. I'm a little worried about coming across like an idiot (as if I don't do that already!). I like to watch the games and the standings, but I'm rather rusty when it comes to talking about statistics, the way fantasy football players do. Well, I did notice that the New Jersey Devils, while being neck-and-neck for the Atlantic Division lead, have very few players high up in the leading scorers list. Don't know for sure what to make of that except that it seems that there is a lot of talent spread out among a lot of people, and that they're probably good at winning low scoring games, and playing defense. That's gotta be good for the long term success of the team.

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October 27, 2002

I don't talk about sports

I don't talk about sports much on this blog, since it's off-topic, but I've got to extend congratulations to Emmitt Smith for getting the all-time rushing yardage title. I'm a native Texan, and used to live in Dallas. As a Cowboys fan, it's been pretty frustrating the last few years, but seeing Emmitt get his title is a great joy to see - the same feeling I had when Walter Payton broke the record.

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